A History of the Kurdish People: Survival, Resistance and Liberation of the white Diaspora (Airyanem civilization Book 5)

A History of the Kurdish People

Are the histories of White People (Aryan People)?

Part one of this book covers the ancient history of white people of Middle East and western Asia between from 50,000 BCE to 6184 BCE, when the name of white people became the Aryan people under the Prophet Zoroaster’s religious teachings. Then it describes the war the Aryan people of the Middle East has been fighting on various fronts since 3000 BCE to stop the black African peoples’ invasion. However this has not prevented them from populating vast region from today’s Europe to India.

Post pre-historic humanity to the Prophet Abraham was a seminal era for the early white people because the three Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) had negative effect on Aryan Kurdish people histories. As the descendants of the white people of Mesopotamia and the western part of Asia the Aryan Kurds laid the foundations for the past 5000 years of the history of the entire white people in that part of the world.

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