Ancient Nomadic Peoples: The Scythians and Parthians ancestors of Central European civilization

Within these pages we trace the movement of Steppe Nomads, The Scythians known as ‘the noble savages ,(or according to Hesiod c.700 BCE, ‘The ‘mare milkers’.) from historical and archaeological evidence.Herodotus the Greek historian referred to the European Scythians as Scythians and the eastern ones as Sacae. The name Scythians and Sacae applied to themselves was Skudat ‘archer’. Later, the Scythians were sometimes called Getae. The Persians also called the Scythians Sakai. Scythians, who attacked the kingdom of Urartu in Armenia, were called Ashguzai or Ishguzai by the Assyrians. The Scythians may have been the Biblical Ashkenaz.the Scythians claimed the to be the first people to exist in the region when at that period it was desert a millennium before Darius of Persia was named Targitaos. We consider the ‘Horse people‘ as ancestors of the ‘Magyar’ the Hungarians which is still open to conjecture due to recent speculation of a possible ‘north of the Don ‘origin.Long a confusing area for historians due3 to the nomadic heritage of these ancient peoples it is hoped this book may clarify some of the confusion of these ‘migrantpeoples.

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