Bedouin Bedtime: Discover the simple, beautiful, bedtime routine of Bedouin nomads.

A picture book for children 0-6 yrs celebrating diversity and a fading, nomadic way of life. The book is set in the desert of Arabia and features the lifestyle Bedouin nomads, who have lived in the desert for thousands of years. The lifestyle is very much one connected to nature and the environment, so the story offers an alternative narrative, an antidote to a busy, competitive modern world. Ideal for toddlers or as a early reader book for older children.

The simple sentences and bold illustrations take the reader on a starry journey through the bedtime routine of Bedouin nomads.

Included after the story is a short section about Bedouin people, the word “Bismillah” and a note from the author.

As an e-book this is perfect to have with you for your little one when out and about exploring the world. After all who wants to carry a bag of books when travelling around or making a journey? Not to mention the trees you save.

Thank you for purchasing my work, and helping to increase diversity in children‘s picture books.

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