Men’s Nomad Lifestyle T-Shirt XL Asphalt

The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams. Be free.

Product Features

  • nomad, lifestyle, nomadic, digital nomad, freedom, entrepreneur
  • solopreneur, freelance, freelancing, hustle, 9-5, remote work, outdoors
  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem

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Saucony Men’s Nomad TR Running Shoe, Deepwater/Citron,11 M US

With excellent traction and durability, the nomad TR tackles anything and takes you anywhere.

Product Features

  • Breathable mesh upper with lace-up vamp for security and comfort
  • Padded collar and tongue
  • Textured outsole for grip and traction

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Wildside: The Enchanted Life of Hunters and Gatherers

The woods are alive with possibilities: Retreat into nature, meet mushroom pickers, collectors, and explorers. Build cabins and scenic trails, create crafts, or start inspired projects. This is the way to the forest. Step into the woods―refuge and escape and home. Some go there to hike or fish. The people and projects presented in this book do so much more. Join them as they gather honey from wild hives and pick mushrooms from beneath secretive oaks. Build a cabin of your own, or a lookout up there in the treetops. Bike trails, walking paths, woodcrafts. Anything and everything to experience the forest, both architectural and intangible. With profiles and essays that inspire us to step off the beaten path and photographs that bring the experience home, Wildside is the guide to modern outdoor activities.

Product Features

  • Gestalten

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Bushmen Soldiers: The History of 31, 201 & 203 Battalions During the Border War 1974-90

The Bushman soldiers were the most outstanding all-round fighters of the Border War. As the first of the indigenous population to take up arms on South Africa‘s behalf, they were among the last to lay them down. The border’s oldest and most bush-wise people, they became feared as relentless trackers and dedicated soldiers.

Coming from a primitive hunter/gatherer culture, they responded well to a crash course in modern warfare. Their use of automatic weapons and mortars, coupled with their phenomenal tracking abilities, made them a formidable fighting force.

During Operation Savannah they were deployed in a conventional role as Battle-Group Alpha, part of Task Force Zulu, and advanced approximately 2,000 kilometers in a month. Afterwards, some of the Bushmen were trained as parachutists and served as Recces behind enemy lines. Others were attached to various units as trackers and guides.

Their loyalty and bravery was recognized in the award of Honoris Crux decorations to members and former members of this elite corps. Controversy followed the battalion to South Africa after the war. Persecuted for centuries, the Bushmen have displayed an uncanny ability to survive and have adapted remarkably well to the modern world.

Their transition from the Stone Age in less than 20 years is a story, which will never be forgotten. Hailed as the ‘Gurkhas of Africa‘ the Bushmen have proved themselves second to none.

This is an exceptional record of 31 and 201 Battalions and their remarkable personnel, fully illustrated with many photographs.


“ … this is an exceptional record of 31 and 201 Battalions and their remarkable personnel …” Books Monthly

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Unisex Martial Art Kung Fu Chinese Traditional Cloth Tai Chi Old Beijing Shoes Black

Old Beijing cloth shoes has a rich history and culture, is a typical representative of Chinese culture.
3,000 years of history proved that this types of shoes are the best footwear for the human body.
Now,the shoes are made by traditional craft combined with modern manufacturing methods.
They are comfortalbe,simplistic,durable,flexible.
They are best choice for martial arts,kung fu,Tai chi,hip-hop,parkour,rock,wushu and other people.
They also a pairs of casual shoes,suitable for indoor/outdoor use.

Product Features

  • Old Beijing cloth shoes is chinese traditional shoes,which has 3,000 years of history.
  • Canvas Top, Cotton lining, Anti Slip Rubber Sole, Flexibility and Durability
  • The best choice for martial arts,kung fu,Tai chi,hip-hop, parkour, rock,wushu and other fashion young people.
  • Slip-on style, Casual,suitable for indoor/outdoor use.
  • Comfortalbe,simplistic,durable,flexible. Washer machine friendly

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Children of the Magi: A Sacred History of the Kurds and the Persians

Few societies on earth are as privileged as the Kurds and Persians. Unlike other geographic regions, the people living in Mesopotamia, the Zagros mountains, and Persia have witnessed some of the key historical events affecting all humanity which were recorded in the sacred writings of the Jews. These include the dispersion of Noah’s grandchildren, the building of the tower of Babel, the deportation of the Jews, the arrival of the prophet Daniel, the rise of Queen Esther, the commissioning of Ezra the high priest, and the visit of the Magi to Bethlehem. Four Medo-Persian kings – Darius, Cyrus, Xerxes, and Artaxerxes – are mentioned in these writings. Furthermore, the primeval events of history took place in Mesopotamia, including the creation of Adam and Eve, the garden of Eden, the fall of man, early human civilization, and the great flood. Sadly, today’s Kurds and Persians know little of their sacred history. This book is an attempt to re-introduce them to their rich inheritance, namely, the revelation of the Most High God, and to enlighten readers from other cultures who would also like an encounter with the central character of human history.

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Migrant Workers In China

Migrant workers are an inevitable issue that has accompanied China‘s socioeconomic transformation, and has a direct bearing on the country‘s social and economic progress, and stability. This book aims to present a comprehensive picture of China‘s issue of migrant workers that has emerged during its urbanization. Breaking away from the conventional research methodology, this book examines the trend of China‘s migrant workers as a social and economic phenomenon, teases out its pattern, proposes the establishment of a social support system for migrant workers in light of China‘s socialist market economy, and provides a solid theoretical fulcrum for China‘s central government to develop its macroeconomic policy.

Key Features:
(1) Presents a comprehensive picture of the issue of migrant workers that has emerged due to China‘s urbanization.
(2) Compares the processes of China s migration of labor and population, and its urbanization and industrialization with those of developed and developing countries.
(3) Examines the social and economic trends regarding China‘s migrant workers and the impact they have on China‘s economy and society.
(4) Proposes the construction of a social support system for migrant workers that will aid China‘s central government in developing its macroeconomic policy.

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Viking Tattoo animal rider nomadic peoples animals Saken Teutons Tattoo

Qualitäts brands T-shirt with the motive illustrated on top
high-quality print made in Germany.
-100% of cotton (185gr / square metre)
– double seams in the neckline as well as in the sleeves and hemline
shoulder to shoulder cervical tape request
This item is custom manufactured only after order entrance for you (to your chosen size & Color).
Notice: Please determine the size based on the size chart.
You have an idea for another subject, what we don’t have at the moment?
Please contact us.

Product Features

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The Digital Nomad Survival Guide: How to Successfully Travel the World While Working Remotely

Do you dream of becoming a digital nomad – working remotely while traveling the world -but you’re not sure where or how to start?

The Digital Nomad Survival Guide is for you. This book provides useful and specific knowledge about travel, housing, work, and socializing to help you set up and manage your new lifestyle as a digital nomad.

So whether you can’t wait to network while in Chiang Mai on the cheap, live the healthy lifestyle in Bali, or traverse the European landscape, The Digital Nomad Survival Guide is the perfect tool to help you make your dreams into a reality.

This book pulls together practical advice from our experience, conversations with 20+ successful digital nomads, and tips from hundreds more nomads across 70+ countries. Included are packing lists, sample budgets, app recommendations, website suggestions, and more.

The Digital Nomad Survival Guide will teach you:

  • How to determine your budget and what financial resources are most useful abroad

  • The best and worst places to visit as a digital nomad while you travel the world

  • How to find the best travel and housing options for your lifestyle

  • What pieces of technology you absolutely need and how to work from wherever

  • Where to find friends and how to avoid being lonely on the road

  • What should you pack for months on the road

  • … and more.

Peter and Katherine are experienced digital nomads, with a collective 5 years on the road. They’ve traveled to over 30 countries on 5 continents while maintaining their jobs. They co-authored this book remotely while traveling separately around SE Asia.

This is the book we wish we had read a few years ago. We had jobs, we had dreams, and we had travel experience – but we didn’t really know how to go from “normal life” to being a digital nomad. And while there is a lot of information available for people about how to travel or work remotely, it’s hard to know where to start and what will work best for you.

So whether you dream of freedom from your desk, are hoping to become a suitcase entrepreneur, or are just excited to explore the world, you’ll find practical advice and helpful resources in our chapters:

  • Finances

  • Location Scouting

  • Housing

  • Travel & Transportation

  • Jobs & Working

  • Technology

  • Packing & Possessions

  • Lifestyle

  • Local Culture

  • Social & Relationships

The Digital Nomad Survival Guide includes:

  • Our personal experiences and anecdotes

  • Specific references from blogs and other digital nomads

  • Suggestions for tools + apps + places

  • Digital Nomad Pro Tips

  • Examples of budgets and packing lists, checklists, and more

  • Interviews with digital nomads (a travel vlogger, developer, and illustrator)

  • A Digital Nomad Tool Kit (the self-assessment, budget, packing list, and all our recommendation + resource links together)

  • Data from our Digital Nomad Census

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Aiyuda Sports Workout Running Armband Case Multipurpose Arm Phone Bag Pouch with Earphone Hole for iPod iPhone 4 4S 5 5S 6 and Keys Cards Nomad Desert Camo

Material: High density nylon fabric
Package Included:1 arm bag

1.High Quality Neoprene Fabric-Waterproof,Shockproof and High Elastic
2.Multipocket-Store your phone,keys, credit card, money or anything else that will fit without having to worry that you will lose it while working out
Lightweight-throw your heavy backpack and this fashion design arm bag is lightweigh and enough space for you when you are at gym,running in the morning,shopping on weekend in the hot summer
Earphone Hole-Pass through your earphone strap,enjoy the music while working out

Product Features

  • Size:9cm*3.5cm*14.5cm(L*W*H), fits for phone less than 5 inches
  • Waterproof,Shockproof and High Elastic high density fabric
  • Tough fabric,straight stitiching,useful zipper,strong Velcro,a designed hole for headphones to go through
  • Double pockets,Convenient place your cellphone,earphone,charger,MP3,ipod,keys,ID cards and other accessories,keep your cellphone safe and Protected
  • Lightweight,flexible,portable,Perfect for most sports activities like jogging, running, cross training, hiking, mountain biking, gym, horse riding etc

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