Ancient Nomadic Peoples: The Scythians and Parthians ancestors of Central European civilization

Within these pages we trace the movement of Steppe Nomads, The Scythians known as ‘the noble savages ,(or according to Hesiod c.700 BCE, ‘The ‘mare milkers’.) from historical and archaeological evidence.Herodotus the Greek historian referred to the European Scythians as Scythians and the eastern ones as Sacae. The name Scythians and Sacae applied to themselves [...]

Far Northern Connections: Researching Your Sami (and Other) Ancestors in Northern Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia

Are you just beginning to research your Northern European roots? Perhaps you are just now discovering that your family may have been Sami? This complete book will get you started on your journey to uncover your ancestors from the far North.

Not only has Virginia Mattson-Schultz included charts and explanations of the foreign [...]