Desert Vet: How a City Boy became a Bedouin Nomad and Spent Thirty Years Caring for a Menagerie of Camels and Other Exotic Creatures

When vet Alex Tinson was plucked from the Australian outback to be chief vet in charge of the United Arab Emirates President’s racing camels, he was given a mission: to make the camels the best in all of Arabia. Thirty years later he is still there, having become the world‘s leading camel vet while caring [...]

Exotic Worlds Morocco

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The White Masai: My Exotic Tale of Love and Adventure

The runaway international bestseller is now an American must-read for lovers of adventure, travel writing, and romance. Corinne Hofmann tells how she falls in love with an African warrior while on holiday in Kenya. After overcoming severe obstacles, she moves into a tiny hut with him and his mother, and spends four [...]