Three Years on the Plains Observations of Indians, 1867-1870

INTRODUCTION The interest which boys are taking in all that relates to our Indian tribes, and the greediness they manifest in devouring the sensational stories published so cheaply, filling their imaginations with stories of wild Indian life on the plains and borders, without regard to their truthfulness, cannot but be harmful; and therefore the writer, [...]

Plains Indians Regalia & Customs

This original study of Plains Indian cultures of the 19th century is presented through the use of period writings, paintings and early photography that relate how life was carried out. The author juxtaposes the sources with new research and modern color photography of specific replica items. Thereby, the past comes to life and today’s readers [...]

839+ International Survival Tricks From Indians, Bushmen, Nomads,… And More!

“839+ International Survival Tricks From Indians, Bushmen, Nomads,… And More” is a book of real international wilderness survival. Greatly enhance the safety of all your outdoor adventures with 839+ REAL international survival tricks. 839+ survival applications, techniques and tricks used by Mahagi bushmen, Hadzabe bushmen, Kalahari Desert bushmen, Congo pygmy bushmen, Zulu, Anasazi, Apache, Comanche, [...]

The Captivity of the Oatman Girls Among the Apache and Mohave Indians (Native American)

In 1851, nine members of the Oatman family — on their way by covered wagon to California — were savagely attacked by Apache Indians near Fort Yuma, Arizona. Two girls in the family, Olive Ann, 14, and Mary Ann, 8, were taken captive by their attackers. An older brother, Lorenzo, 15, was left for [...]

Nomads Indians Saints

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Plains Indians (First Nations of North America)

This title teaches readers about the first people to live in the Plains region of North America. It discusses their culture, customs, ways of life, interactions with other settlers, and their lives today.

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American Nomads Travels With Lost Conquistadors Mountain Men Cowboys Indians Hoboes Truckers And Bullriders American Nomads

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Nomads Indians Saints


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Indians of the Plains

No people have stirred the interest and imagination of the civilized world as have the North American Indians of the Great Plains. For thousands of years before the first European explorers appeared on the grasslands between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains, the Indians of this region hunted the big, shaggy buffalo.

As American [...]