The Way People Live – Life in Genghis Khan’s Mongolia

Known to history as bloodthirsty conquerors, the Mongols of the 12th and 13th centuries were a complex people who worshipped nature, revered their ancestors and respected the sanctity of the family at the same time as they enslaved children, plundered and slaughtered all who stood in their way.

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In Search of Genghis Khan: An Exhilarating Journey on Horseback across the Steppes of Mongolia

Following the collapse of nearly seventy years of Communist rule, veteran writer and traveler Tim Severin went to Mongolia “to see how much of the tradtional way of life survived.” He discovered a country in an uncertain state of transition and struggling with its newfound identity. Part travelogue and part historical recreation of the legendary [...]

Reindeer Herders in My Heart: Stories of Healing Journeys in Mongolia by Carey, Sas (2014) Paperback


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Mongolian Nomadic Society: A Reconstruction of the ‘Medieval’ History of Mongolia (NIAS Monograph Series)

Until the collapse of the socialist system in Mongolia in 1990, Mongolian social sciences was fundamentally schematised in accordance with the prevailing political ideology of socialism, considering the country‘s history in the theoretical framework of historical materialism, the theory of socio-economic formation, and the feudalism model. Here, however, the author adopts a fresh approach and [...]

How Mongolia is Really Ruled: Political History of the Mongolian People’s Republic, 1900-78 (Histories of ruling Communist parties)

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Cosmos Global Documentaries IN THE LAND OF THE NOMADS MONGOLIA Arcadia Films

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Reindeer Herders in My Heart: Stories of Healing Journeys in Mongolia

Join Sas Carey as she follows her calling to a remote community of nomadic reindeer herders in the northernmost reaches of Mongolia. Live her experiences and encounter the spirit world, truth, ancient ways of healing…and a strong heart connection.

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Changing Inner Mongolia: Pastoral Mongolian Society and the Chinese State (Oxford Studies in Social and Cultural Anthropology)

Since the Chinese Communists took control of Inner Mongolia, very little has been written about that region, the vast steppeland of northern China. This book charts the recent history of the pastoral Mongolian minority there. It examines the effects of five decades of social engineering by the Chinese state, and explores the role of economic [...]

Mongolian Nomads Driving Cattle, Western Mongolia – 24″W x 16″H – Peel and Stick Wall Decal by Wallmonkeys

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