Armitage`s Native Plants for North American Gardens

The popularity of native North American plants has soared in recent years, for many good reasons. Whatever draws you to native plants, you’ll find no better or more authoritative guide than Allan Armitage. Widely acknowledged as one of the world‘s foremost horticulturists, Armitage describes more than 630 species and cultivars of perennials, biennials, and annuals [...]

Nomads of the North

It was late in the month of March, at the dying-out of the Eagle Moon, that Neewa the black bear cub got his first real look at the world. Noozak, his mother, was an old bear, and like an old person she was filled with rheumatics and the desire to sleep late. So instead of [...]

Plains Indians (First Nations of North America)

This title teaches readers about the first people to live in the Plains region of North America. It discusses their culture, customs, ways of life, interactions with other settlers, and their lives today.

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Leaving Footprints in the Taiga: Luck, Spirits and Ambivalence among the Siberian Orochen Reindeer Herders and Hunters (Studies in the Circumpolar North)

Nowhere have recent environmental and social changes been more pronounced than in post-Soviet Siberia. Donatas Brandišauskas probes the strategies that Orochen reindeer herders of southeastern Siberia have developed to navigate these changes. “Catching luck” is one such strategy that plays a central role in Orochen cosmology — luck implies a vernacular theory [...]

The Blackfeet Raiders Nomads of the North

2011 Fort Boise Publishing trade paperback, assumed first edition, no printing given. Loaded with wonderful B&W/sepia-tone era photos and some fascinating reproductions of Winold Reiss’ portrait paintings of Blackfeet tribal members (c. 1943). Bibliography and Glossary.

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The Danger Trail & Nomads of the North: Two Classic Adventure Books (James Oliver Curwood: American Adventure Classics Book 4)

• Two of James Curwood’s adventure classics are in this Kindle ebook: The Danger Trail & Nomads of the North

Danger Trail (1910)

Jack Howland is a Chicago hustler. But for 15 of his 31 years he’s hoped for an opportunity to turn things around. That opportunity may have arrived. Howland is put in charge [...]

Himalaya Bound An Americans Journey with Nomads in North India

For forty-four days, Michael Benanav lived and travelled with the Van Gujjars, a forest-dwelling tribe of nomadic buffalo herders in northern India. He went to document their traditional way of life, but there was trouble on the trail: the Uttarakhand forest department threatened to block nomadic families from the pastures they relied on for the [...]

Photographic Print of Oued Abiod Gorge, Aures Mountains, Algeria, North Africa, Africa

PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINT 14×11 inch (36x28cm) Print with artwork depicting Oued Abiod Gorge, Aures Mountains, Algeria, North Africa, Africa. Oued Abiod Gorge, Aures Mountains, Algeria, North Africa, Africa. Chosen by Robert Harding. High quality RA4 prints. Printed on Kodak Endura and Edge papers. Size refers to paper used. Shipping from America.

Product Features PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINT… You [...]

Mapping Indigenous Presence: North Scandinavian and North American Perspectives (Critical Issues in Indigenous Studies)

Despite centuries of colonization, many Indigenous peoples’ cultures remain distinct in their ancestral territories, even in today’s globalized world. Yet they exist often within countries that hardly recognize their existence. Struggles for political recognition and cultural respect have occurred historically and continue to challenge Native American nations in Montana and Sámi people of northern [...]

Nomads of the North (James Oliver Curwood: American Adventure Classics Book 13)

• Two of American author James Curwood’s westerns are bound together in this Kindle book: Nomads of the North (1919) & The Hunted Woman.(1916)

Nomads of the North (1919)

A Canadian Mountie allows an innocent fugitive to escape with the woman he loves. A story of romance and adventure under the open stars. Curwood’s book [...]