Tundra Passages : Gender and History in the Russian Far East

Koriak have been described as a nomadic people, migrating with the reindeer through rugged terrain. Their autonomy and mobility are salient cultural features that ethnographers and state administrators have found equally fascinating and menacing.

Tundra Passages describes how this indigenous people in the Russian Far East have experienced, interpreted, and struggled with the changing conditions of life on the periphery of post-Soviet Russia.

Rethmann portrays the lives of Koriak women in the locales of Tymlat and Ossora in northern Kamchatka, within a wider framework of sexuality, state power, and marginalization, which she sees as central to the Koriak experience of everyday life. Using gender as a lens through which to examine wider issues of history, disempowerment, and marginalization, she explores the interpretations and strategies employed by Koriak women and men to ameliorate the austere effects of political and socioeconomic disorder. Rethmann’s innovative work combines historical and ethnographic descriptions of Koriak life, narration, and practices of gender and history.

With the demise of the Soviet Union, scholars have begun an active discussion of the political processes that affect marginalized and indigenous peoples in Russia. This work contributes to this discussion by revealing the tensions and potentially contradictory strategies of indigenous people within a world shaken by change, uncertainty, and disorder.

Product Features

  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Nomads of the North

It was late in the month of March, at the dying-out of the Eagle Moon, that Neewa the black bear cub got his first real look at the world. Noozak, his mother, was an old bear, and like an old person she was filled with rheumatics and the desire to sleep late. So instead of taking a short and ordinary nap of three months this particular winter of little Neewa’s birth she slept four, which, made Neewa, who was born while ms mother was sound asleep, a little over two months old instead of six weeks when they came out of den.

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Amish Romance: Trust in God: Inspirational Amish Romance (The Lapp’s Amish Marriage Book 3)

An arranged marriage to Jacob is the last thing that Elizabeth can imagine. Can she trust in God and prevail in this sweet, clean Amish Romance? Just $0.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

Elizabeth is small, petite and as scared as a mouse. Jacob is big, loud and exuberant. When her father plans to marry her to Jacob she freezes and thinks the worse. How can she suffer this terrible arrangement?

Yet so far, her daed has found good matches for her two sisters… should she trust him now?
Maybe this time he is trying just a little too hard. Maybe she should refuse and yet she knows he would never wish her to be unhappy.

Can Elizabeth find love with the big and brash Jacob? A tall, broad, bear of a man, surly cannot be a good match for a mere wisp of a woman? A man who makes people jump when all he does is speak? A man who is hiding something from his past?
Yet not everyone is afraid of him. Is this man as bad as he seems? When a young girl is missing Elizabeth finds out a surprising secret about Jacob. There is more to him than people know so she has to ask herself the question. Can she learn to love a man who was once a beast?

Find out now for just $0.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

Sarah Miller is a bestselling author of sweet, clean, Amish romances that are suitable for readers of all ages.

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NOMAS Universal Travel Adapter with 4 Plugs – For Worldwide use in 150 Countries Europe, The UK, The US & Australia – Ideal for International Travelers and Digital Nomads

Travel Around The World And Charge Your Devices Thanks To The Nomas International Power Adapter

Visiting foreign countries and travelling to other continents is the best way to broaden your mind and gain unforgettable experiences.

However, people who get to travel a lot are well aware of the fact that charging their cell phones, tablets and laptops can be real trouble as sockets differ from country to country.

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Nomas presents you with an amazing universal travel adapter and outlet converter which is exactly what you need!

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This top notch world travel power adapter features 4 kinds of plugs, providing you with countless possibilities!

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Premium Quality Materials And Ergonomic Design That Assures Unmatched Durability And Safety

This foreign travel plug adapter is made of 100% new, extremely durable, environmentally friendly ABS material.

What is more, it features strong shock resistant properties, effectively preventing severe accidents and keeping you safe.

The practical, separable, compact and easily portable design makes this travel power plug converter a must have for people who love travelling as well as for those who move a lot due to their career.

Note This product does not convert voltage.

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  • DURABLE, COMPACT AND PRACTICAL: The Nomas universal travel plug adapter is made of 100% new, sturdy ABS material and it is built to last. In addition, it features a smart, compact design that makes it ideal for travelers and digital nomads.
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  • ANTI-SHOCK AND HEAT RESISTING PROPERTIES: Forget about cheaply made travel plug converters which are dangerous to use! This continental socket adapter features heat and shock resisting properties, assuring maximum safety. Moreover, the safety shutter protection prevents children and careless adults from accidents.
  • INCLUDES A PRACTICAL CARRYING CASE: Along with the foreign electrical converter and outlet adapter for your electronics, you will receive a handy, white, branded carrying case at no additional charge! This nice accessory will allow you to effortlessly and neatly carry and store your power adapter.
  • Compared to adapters with retractable heads, this international travel adapter doesn’t have moving parts that easily break or snap. Long time travelers will often break a switch for one of the adapters with retractable plugs.

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Ecological Migrants: The Relocation of China’s Ewenki Reindeer Herders

Reindeer-herding Ewenki hunters have lived in the forests of China‘s Greater Khingan Range for over three hundred years. They have sustained their livelihoods by collecting plants and herbs, hunting animals and herding reindeer. This ethnography details changing Ewenki ways of life brought first by China‘s modernization and development policies and more recently by ecological policies that aim to preserve and restore the badly damaged ecologies of western China. Xie reflects on modernization and urbanization in China through this study of ecological migration policies and their effects on relocated Aoluguya Ewenki hunters.

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The Captivity of the Oatman Girls Among the Apache and Mohave Indians (Native American)

In 1851, nine members of the Oatman family — on their way by covered wagon to California — were savagely attacked by Apache Indians near Fort Yuma, Arizona. Two girls in the family, Olive Ann, 14, and Mary Ann, 8, were taken captive by their attackers. An older brother, Lorenzo, 15, was left for dead but managed, though gravely wounded, to make his way back to civilization. The rest of the family had been brutally massacred.
The story of the Oatman girls — their despairing life in captivity, the tragic death of little Mary Ann from shock, poor food, and severe conditions a year after their capture, and their brother’s five-year search for them — is vividly described in this riveting true-life story.

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Moving on in Neolithic Studies: Understanding Mobile Lives (Neolithic Studies Group Seminar Papers)

Mobility is a fundamental facet of being human and should be central to archaeology. Yet mobility itself and the role it plays in the production of social life, is rarely considered as a subject in its own right. This is particularly so with discussions of the Neolithic people where mobility is often framed as being somewhere between a sedentary existence and nomadic movements. This latest collection of papers from the Neolithic Studies Group seminars examines the importance and complexities of movement and mobility, whether on land or water, in the Neolithic period. It uses movement in its widest sense, ranging from everyday mobilities – the routines and rhythms of daily life – to proscribed mobility, such as movement in and around monuments, and occasional and large-scale movements and migrations around the continent and across seas. Papers are roughly grouped and focus on ‘mobility and the landscape’, ‘monuments and mobility’, ‘travelling by water’, and ‘materials and mobility’. Through these themes the volume considers the movement of people, ideas, animals, objects, and information, and uses a wide range of archaeological evidence from isotope analysis; artefact studies; lithic scatters and assemblage diversity.

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Nomadic Interiors: Living and Inhabiting in an Age of Migrations (UNIVERSITY PRESS)

Trough different perspectives, this publication is aimed at outlining how the concepts of place and inhabiting have changed in an age marked by migrations and multiculturalism. In doing that, it collects critical contributions focusing on the architectural spaces generated by new nomadic practices, with the final purpose of describing how the idea and praxis of architectural interiors can be redefined between globalism and localism.

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Photo Jigsaw Puzzle of Russian village – Northern Siberia – tents and Reindeer

PHOTO JIGSAW PUZZLE. Photo Puzzle (252 Pieces). Artwork depicting Russian villageNorthern Siberia – tents and Reindeer. Russian (Ostyak?) villageNorthern Siberia – tents and Reindeer Date 1902. Shipping from USA.

Product Features

  • PHOTO JIGSAW PUZZLE… You are purchasing one Photo Puzzle (252 Pieces). Estimated image size 356x254mm
  • 10×14 252 Piece Puzzle comes with loose pieces in a designer box with your photo on top. The box is sized to fit most mail boxes. Great gift for kids, grandparents, bridesmaids, birthdays and anniversaries. Box dimensions 5 5/8 x 7 5/8 x 1 1/5 with artwork affixed to box top
  • Artwork Description… Russian (Ostyak?) villageNorthern Siberia – tents and Reindeer Date 1902.
  • For any queries regarding this choice of artwork please contact Prints Online. Image (c) Mary Evans / Grenville Collins Postcard Collection
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Liili Premium Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Aluminum Backplate Bumper Snap Case Camel at the Pushkar Fair Pushkar Camel Mela Rajasthan India Photo 20277951

This aluminum snap case is designed for Samsung Galaxy Note 5. This case uses premium aluminum back plate along with a durable plastic hard shell for instant protection. Perfect cutouts maximize the functionality of your phone. Water resistance aluminum surface is extremly easy to clean without any discoloration.

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